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Hesco in its essence is truly rural as it derives inspiration from the villages and devises solutions for their problems. It helps them to focus on their economic and development needs and encourages them to tap local resources that open up new avenues to self- reliance. The main solgan of HESCO is "Local need meet locally".

For the last 28 years, Dr. Anil Joshi and his team members of HESCO have been applying knowledge of the environmental sciences and simple technologies to bring consistent development to the rural villages of the Himalayas. Their innovative and ecologically-sound solutions so far, have yielded outstanding results in their target regions, and have brought them national recognition, and recently international attention for their contributions to rural mountain development considering the pioneering work and philosophy of Dr. Anil P. Joshi and his HESCO team, armed with advanced knowledge of the environmental sciences and low-cost technologies....


Gross Environmental Product (GEP)

Article of Dr. Anil P. Joshi

Resource based Development
Water-mill and global warming
Carbon emission has become synonymous to global warming since the last ...

Spring-recharging in the Himalayas
The availability of springs has been a major factor in the settlement of ...
HESCO developed and installed a technologically advanced version of a watermill into many mountain streams of the Himalayas, which brought lights and access power to over 4000 villages.

HESCO introduced a joint-venture with the Indian Army known as TIP ...


Green Industry
The concept is the utilization of the local resources by the local community thereby exploring other livelihood opportunities through the Green Industry.
Intervention Proposed are on the basis of:
Community priority
Local ecological and economical intricacies


Our Partner
Dr. Padruot M. Fried
( President of CiC )
Agronomist, Lecturer
CH 7543 Lavin/Switzerland

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Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi is well known in India for being an innovator in both ...
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